Wealth and Wellness: Create Abundance with Money Reiki

Money. It’s a complicated topic that stirs up all kinds of emotions, memories, fears and associations. And although most of us would say that yes, of course we want more of it, below the level of our conscious logical awareness, there are ways that most of us consistently resist it. Usually without realising it.

If this is the first time you’re encountering the concept of a ‘money block’, the idea can seem a tad ridiculous. What on Earth is a money block and why would anyone have one?

A money block is anything that blocks your ability to earn, attract, retain and build personal wealth – and most people have a bunch of them. They come in many forms and usually arise from experiences, traumas and fears that tell us that wealth comes at a cost. And that that cost may not be worth paying.

Our positive associations with money are easy to see. For most of us, having money means having choice, freedom and empowerment. Lottery advertising paints a good picture. But the negative associations we have with money are much harder to discern. They hide from our conscious awareness; but they are there, limiting our ability to see opportunities, or triggering doubt and limitation when viable possibilities for financial growth appear.

Society conditions us to look for explanations for our situations outside of ourselves. And although the external environment clearly has some influence, it is not the full story. Our beliefs, feelings and energy (or vibe) are the filters through which we interpret everything that happens in life. They determine whether we see opportunity or danger. Whether we feel capable or incapable. Deserving or undeserving.

It’s hard to make money. There is not enough money to go around. I can’t have money AND free time. Accepting money incurs a debt. Rich people care only about themselves. I will get by ok, but I will never be wealthy. I don’t know enough/I’m not good enough/I don’t have the training/I need to do XYZ before I can earn enough money to be wealthy.

Whether or not these (and other) limiting statements are true is almost irrelevant. If any of them feel true to you, then you will live a life that proves and perpetuates them. They become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Our society is structured in a way that makes it basically impossible to live without money. Money therefore represents safety and security and consequently taps us into our most primal fear: survival. Without survival, there simply is nothing else. This makes money blocks some of the most pervasive and persistent of all energetic blocks. But they can be healed.

What is Money Reiki?

Money Reiki is an energetic healing modality that is very specific in its scope and focus. It works with your energy system to uncover, release and heal blocks, beliefs and traumas that prevent you from being totally open to an abundance of financial wealth.

Because we are made of energy, our energy field is the foundation of who we are. Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings all affect, and are directly affected by, our energy fields. Working directly with our energy system is therefore working on the foundations rather than the superficial. Addressing the problem rather than the symptom.

Money Reiki works by unearthing and addressing the hidden blocks; the energetic and emotional hurdles that stop you from feeling that wealth is either possible or even desirable for you. It doesn’t magically fix things for you without your input. It moves what it can, and it uncovers what needs your attention. To get the deepest level of healing, you must be ready and willing to be real with yourself, discover what needs healing and do the work.

Working with your money energy is incredibly powerful, and not just because it can shift your finances. Ultimately, your relationship with money mirrors your relationship with the world. It’s about your self-worth. Your sense of empowerment. Your ability to give and receive and feel supported. You simply cannot work on your relationship with money without naturally healing your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

For those who are ready and willing, it is powerful and transformative.

Medha is a Money Reiki Master, and Intuitive Energy Healer and Channel and owns and runs Ishvari Energy Healing. She is available for Healing sessions on the Mornington Peninsula, via Distance Healing or via Skype. Find her at www.ishvari.com.au