Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions “The Company” means Go Farmer Pty Ltd and “The Advertiser means the person, company or Government agency to whom this document is addressed and who places advertising in the Company’s magazine and or website. Government /Agencies will be treated as the Advertiser acting on behalf of the client.

The Company including advertiser acknowledges and agrees with the below terms and conditions.

  1. Specific Conditions to Advertising
    1.1 The Company may use their own discretion and place advertising in any position on any page.
    1.2 The Company reserves the right to refuse , withdraw or otherwise deal with all advertisements at its absolute discretion without liability to The Advertiser thereby arising.
    1.3 The Company may change advertisers finished artwork at any time if this is necessary to comply with the requirement of the printer of the magazine and The Company has no obligation to notify customer of the change.
    1.4 Changes to finished signed off artwork by the advertiser cannot be re submitted unless agreed in writing by the The Company.
    1.5 The Company take no liability for any errors in finished artwork as appears in the magazine.
    1.6 The Company has no obligation to accept any verbal or written request to cancel or delete the advertising. Requests can be submitted in writing within fourteen (14) days of the authorization date appearing on the signed agreement. Where any advertising is cancelled The Company is entitled to hold any deposits paid to recuperate costs and expenses incurred up to the date of the cancellation letter.
  2. Guarantee
    Advertiser guarantees and represents to The Company that: comply with the Australian Code of Advertising Practice and all guidelines that may be applicable. Should the advertiser not comply, The Company has the tight not to publish such advertisement.
  3. Liability
    3.1 The Company accepts no liability for any errors in Advertisers finished artwork as it appears in the magazine.
    3.2 The Company accepts no liability if the magazine is delayed beyond estimated projection date.
    3.3 Advertiser accepts all responsibility and liability for the content of all advertising including responsibility and liability for defamatory material false misleading or deceptive statements, negligent statement, misrepresentation, infringement of trademark, business name, copyright or other intellectual property of any party and breaches of any statutory provisions.
    3.4 Advertisers Insures against loss and agrees The Company has no responsibilities from all actions , claims , proceedings , losses , and any expenses including consequential damage incurred directly or indirectly by The Company.
    3.5 Under no circumstances will The Company be liable for any loss or damage to revenue, or any other source of loss related from the advertising.
  4. Payment Terms
    4.1 Payment terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice or unless otherwise agreed upon in writing on the signed agreement.
    4.2 Failure to settle any invoice including any invoice for additional charges within the payment terms will render the advertiser liable, at the company’s sole discretion, to lose any discount entitlement and to pay interest on the outstanding invoices at 5.0{c475a3d222b2a6dc972b5a3df5fec0c93d9addb955f65089eba6e4fc93c6c065} per annum, accruing daily. Failure by the advertiser to comply with these terms or any other payment terms agreed in writing with The Company shall entitle The Company, at its discretion, not to publish any future advertisement previously confirmed.
    4.3 Thirty percent loading fee for second issue if changes to artwork and editorial .
    4.4 Upgrade of package on any issue will not incur a loading fee only the payment of difference. ie booking made for $3300 upgrade to $6600 diff owing $3300
  5. Privacy
    Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that The Company collects their personal information for sole purpose of advertising, invoicing. This information may be disclosed to credit reporting agencies and other third parties as part of provision of the advertising and for overdue accounts to the debt collection agencies to recover amounts owing.
  6. General
    These terms, with any other written agreement , represent the entire agreement of the advertiser and the company for advertising. The Company will not be liable for any delay or failure to publish advertising cause by a factor outside the companies reasonable control.